Mobilize - Touch Optimized Mobile Template

Mobilize - Touch Optimized Mobile Template

Unknown 3:07 AM
Mobilize - Touch Optimized Mobile Template

Finally, an easy mobile solution!

With an easy to customize responsive layout packed with features, you’ll have your new mobile site up in no time with Mobilize! The homepage features a touch optimized responsive slider with 24 transitions (swipe with your finger!), optional captions, social icons and more. The interior features a touch optimized gallery, contact form with validation, and over 20 page styles. Four color schemes are included, and customizing colors is a breeze. Check out the searchable lists, including thumbnail lists and events lists!

NEW in version 1.3 .. Slide Out Panels!

-WordPress Version Available Here

Loaded with Features!

Slider Features:
  • Mobile Touch Optimized
  • Liquid / Responsive Layout
  • 24 Transition Effects
  • Optional Captions with 9 Effects
  • 2 Loader Styles

Contact Features:

  • One Touch Email
  • One Touch Directions
  • One Touch Phone Call
  • Contact Form with Validation

Portfolio Features:

  • Touch Optimized (swipe)
  • Liquid / Responsive Layout
  • Auto Play


  • NEW in version 1.3 .. Slide Out Panels
  • 4 Color Schemes
  • Google Fonts Included
  • Sticky Footer Option
  • Social Icons
  • 9 Backgrounds Included
  • 60+ HD Retina @2X Navigation Icons
  • 20+ HTML5 Page Styles
  • Searchable Lists
  • Thumbnail Style Lists
  • Event Style Lists
  • Twitter Feed
  • Add to Home iPhone / iPad Bubble
  • Mobile Web App
  • 9 Page Transition Effects
  • Mobile Redirect Details

Perfect for:

  • Personal Sites
  • Business Sites
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Creative Professionals
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Portfolio Sites
  • Photography Sites
  • Event Sites
  • Wedding Sites

What They’re Saying:

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the mobile site! You helped us get it to exactly what we needed. We love it!
I purchased your Mobilize touch theme a couple of days ago and just got around to opening it. All I can say is “Wow!!!” Absolutely the best documentation I’ve seen for any template I’ve purchased. I have to rate it 5 stars.
L-o-v-e the Mobilize template! It’s a well-deserved 5 rating.
David S.
Thank you so much. I added more #Galleries easily…Wow! I’m very satisfied and happy with your quick assistance. A Plus++! Thanks again!
Thanks very much for this template and support, i already rate it 5* thanks :)
I bought it! It looks awwwwwwwwwww…. wait for it… SOME!
Just one word: OUTSTANDING , extra well done (well, that makes it now 4 words… LOL … so here a few more: Mobilize is by far the best documented template I came across so far…thx
Bought your mobile template – it’s awesome. By far the best I’ve seen that meets my needs.
Criag N.
Thank You for the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Template.
hello, a great mobile template!
Hello – awesome template, incredibly easy to use! I had my site up and going within 5 hrs. Don’t worry – this will be getting a 5star rating all the way. Best looking mobile site I’ve seen.
I purchased this theme and I love it.
Hello, GREAT looking mobile theme and excited to get started.
5 star rating done, there should be 7 for this :-)
Just super awesome. All the missing links that I have been searching for in other mobile templates. A real deal!


v1.4 6.13.2013    Fixed: Twitter Feedv1.3 - 3.08.2013    Updated: Files updated to jQuery Mobile version 1.3.0 (JS & CSS)    Updated: jQuery updated to version 1.8.2    Updated: Documentation updates    Added: New Panels Code & Demos v1.22 - 12.13.2012    Added: Pinterest social iconv1.21 - 11.28.2012    Fixed: Size issue when bookmarking site on iPhone 5v1.2 - 9.21.2012    Updated: Files updated to jQuery Mobile version 1.2.0 (JS & CSS)    Updated: jQuery updated to version 1.8.1    Updated: Documentation updates    Updated: JS & CSS Updates and bug fixes    Updated: Better IE8 Support    Changed: New Homepage Slider with 24 Effectsv1.1 - 5.16.2012    Updated: Files updated to jQuery Mobile version 1.1.0    Updated: New page transitions, loading icons, other JQM updates    Updated: Documentation updates    Added: New "slide-down" modal window page style    Fixed: Contact form bugv1.02 - 3.26.2012     Updated: Fix bug in Firefox 11v1.01 - 3.24.2012    Updated: jQuery scripts updated & CSS tweak v1.0 - 2.29.2012 Initial version 

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Retro Portfolio - One Page Vintage WordPress Theme

Retro Portfolio - One Page Vintage WordPress Theme

Unknown 2:32 AM
Retro Portfolio - One Page Vintage WordPress Theme

“Retro Portfolio” is The One Page Vintage WordPress Theme. Now Responsive!

IMPORTANT: Retro Portfolio (Version 4) is NOT just a normal update but a new theme introducing new features to to give the users more powerful configuration options. So, if you are currently using a 3.x version or lower, please consider that migration to 4.x means to configure the theme from scratch.


  • It is fully Responsive
  • Retina integration for logo and banner
  • Home Page customisation (you can easily add, remove and rearrange sections)
  • Colour options (you can easily change the colour of any single section, page or blog post thanks to the introduction of a new color picker)
  • Google Fonts integration
  • New icons
  • New responsive slider
  • Portfolio gallery
  • Anti-spam filter on the contact form
  • More CSS, less images
  • Completely Translatable
  • Updates Notifier
  • Detailed Documentation
  • etc.

Retro One Page WordPress Theme

Extra credits: Freebiesbug.

Need Help?

Ask us on our support forum!

HyperMind: Clean and Creative WP Portfolio Theme

HyperMind: Clean and Creative WP Portfolio Theme

Unknown 11:40 AM
HyperMind: Clean and Creative WP Portfolio Theme

Follow onioneye's portfolio on ThemeForestGet updates for onioneye's WordPress themesFollow onioneye on TwitterGet support for your purchased WordPress theme

Hypermind is an incredibly easy to use WordPress portfolio theme. Quick to setup and easy to customize, thanks to the powerful admin panel, the detailed manual, and the carefully structured code, HyperMind is the perfect theme for showcasing your most important work directly in front of your visitors.

HyperMind has got you covered on all fronts, so if you ever get stuck on anything, rest assured that you’re going to get the help of a professional, if and when you need it, because HyperMind comes with excellent customer support.

Theme Features

  • Carefully handcrafted
  • Semantic and clean HTML5
  • Coded with graceful degradation and SEO in mind
  • Strong focus on user-experience, usability, and beautiful typography
  • WordPress 3.0+ ready (featured images, custom post types, custom menus)
  • Unbranded theme options
  • Excellent customer support
  • Extensive documentation
  • Localisation support
  • 4 custom widgets: Twitter, Flickr, Popular Posts, Text Widget (customized For embedding videos, images, and other content.)
  • 6 Widget areas
  • Custom patterns
  • Filterable and ajaxified portfolio
  • Column, google map, and contact form shortcodes
  • jQuery ajax contact form
  • Awesome jQuery slider
  • Readable and well-documented code
  • Threaded comments
  • Drop-down menus
  • Custom default gravatar support
  • Layered PSDs for customisation
  • Custom 404 page
  • 960gs framework
  • Print-ready CSS styles

Need support?

First of all, thank you so much for purchasing one of my themes. I really appreciate it.

All support is handled via a dedicated support forum, available at, so please head out there, and open up a ticket, in case you have any questions, and I will do my utmost to reply in a timely fashion.

Pastel Dashboard — Admin Template + iPhone web app

Pastel Dashboard — Admin Template + iPhone web app

Unknown 11:02 AM
Pastel Dashboard -- Admin Template + iPhone web app

Pastel is a unique, feature packed Dashboard with an intuitive and stunning interface.

Version 1.0.1 has just been released! See change log at the bottom of this page.

Main features

Log in screen with animations

Log In ScreenThe log in screen features a nice dark color scheme with big avatars, subtle textures, flying animations and a beautiful log in form.

200+ carefully crafted glyphs

IconsPastel includes two icon sets: iconSweets 2* and Entypo. Both are using @font-face fonts to make vector icons in any size or color.

iPhone web app with native gestures

iPhone web appIf the Pastel mobile layout doesn’t suffice, the included iPhone web app will! Go to on your iPhone (add it to your Home Screen!) It’s ready to use in about three seconds from the first tap. It looks and feels just like a native app. Main features:
  • Beautiful user interface with subtle textures.
  • Built-in notifications (same as the desktop version of Pastel) with swipe gesture for deletion.
  • Easy chart creation.
  • Maps support (including geo-location) with marker and blue dot
  • Chat bubbles
  • Layered to-do list with 3D reveal animations
  • Tabs and modal views

I only support iOS 5 officially at the moment, due to the new scrolling features Apple introduced with it. I’ve however tested it on different phones and it works fine on most. Expect both feature and compatibility updates.

Unobtrusive notifications

notificationsI’m including a modified version of my popular Codecanyon notifications plugin. It’s beautiful, lightweight and fast. Main features:
  • Super easy to use
  • Handsome small notifications
  • Beautiful CSS3 animations.
  • Time since creation of a notification – updated every 4th second!
  • Include either an image or a vector icon in your notification.
  • Timeout, set your notification to hide itself after a certain amount of time.
  • Callback function, have full control of what will happen after the user clicks on a notification.

Two very different themes

ThemesPastel includes two themes: Skeuo and Feather. Feather is a lighter more breathing theme – a great starting point if you want to customize the appearance heavily. Expect more themes and variations down the road. GalleryTurn normal photos into a full fledged gallery in seconds with the included Pastel Gallery plugin. Easy navigation with the arrow keys.

Maps and geolocation

MapsIf you need to create maps, the Pastel Maps plugin got you covered. It uses the Google Maps Image API for map images. You can easily search for a certain location or fetch a user’s location in HTML5 browsers.

Overlays and menus

MenuIt’s dead simple to create a gorgeous black dropdown menu with a few lines of HTML code. Alternatively you can use the Pastel modal plugin to make more sophisticated overlays with animations.


ChartsIt’s easy to make beautiful charts of any kind. Pastel even includes a color tooltip plugin to make the information really pop.

UI elements

User interfacePastel includes a lot of different user interface elements, you easily can incorporate in your own application, whether it is a form (with validation), a tags system or the cool checkbox toggles.

Other key features

  • Fluid and responsive layout: The default layout is fixed at a 1100px width, on smaller screens Pastel will automatically rearrange UI elements until the single mobile column view is reached.
  • Fluid grid: An easy to use CSS grid framework based on percentages. If you place more than one section in a grid container, it will automatically get a simple pagination.
  • HTML5 Offline cache with update system: Use the Dashboard, even when no internet connection is present. It will automatically notify users (with notifications) when new updates are available. Works in most major browsers, IE9 and downwards excepted.
  • Comprehensive documentation: Every aspect of Pastel has been documented.
  • Hash navigation: No need for constant browser refreshes.
  • Markdown editor with live preview and code highlighting is included.
  • 30 CSS3 animations are included – every HTML element can easily be animated.
  • Tooltips can be applied to every HTML element.
  • Really beautiful error pages are included. Canvas 3D with color particles that tracks the movement of the mouse or your finger on a touch-enabled device.
  • Date picker plugin: Turn an input field into a date picker in seconds.
  • Interactive tables are very easy to initialize. Pastel includes both a simplified (iOS-like) and more traditional pagination.
  • Interactive select boxes with search support.
  • AJAX validation of forms with very little code.
  • Easy-to-use tabs: You don’t have to write a single line of code to make tabs work, everything is handled by the Pastel framework.
  • CSS3 buttons are using the built-in CSS color palettes with support for vector icons.
  • Very rich modal plugin is included. Three different themes, 30 different animations, AJAX load support, fluid or fixed size.
  • Touch optimized: While Pastel does include a seperate iPhone web app, the main Dashboard is optimized for mobile devices. Taps will be registered almost immediately.
  • Layered to-do list: With a 3D turn animation and color degrading appearance.
  • Colorful chat bubbles, iOS-like are included. Easy themeable.
  • Cross-browser compatible: Works in IE8 and upwards. Missing CSS3 features degrades naturally.
  • Tags creation: Turn a text field into a beautiful tagging form.
  • Animated progress bars in different styles.
  • For fun: Pull-to-refresh: Only supported on Chrome and Safari on Mac.
  • iconSweets 2 files are not included with Pastel, but I’ve made an agreement with the icons’ creator, so you can use them directly from my server, as long as you only use them with Pastel and don’t download them off the server.

Questions or feedback

Don’t hesitate sending me a mail if you stumble upon a bug, have a question the documentation doesn’t answer or simply have a feature request.

Change log

New in 1.0.1 (released 10 March 2012)

  1. Support for external links. Check out the section Navigation in the docs.
  2. All-new file input plugin
    • Much more lightweight than the previous plugin
    • Doesn’t break when used with the validation plugin
  3. Documentation fixes
    • You can now open the documentation locally on browsers that blocks ajax loading of local files (Chrome, Firefox etc.) Note: Only the seperate docs in the Documentation-folder will work locally. The docs in the Dashboard itself still requires uploading to a server (either on your own machine or on the internet).
    • Some minor documentation errors have been fixed. Added small paragraph on how to use external links in the section Navigation.

Read for complete change log and install instructions.

Neon - Clean and Modern HTML Template

Neon - Clean and Modern HTML Template

Unknown 10:23 AM
Neon - Clean and Modern HTML Template

Visit Our WebsiteFollow Us on ThemeForest Follow Us on TwitterFollow Us on Facebook

Neon is simple, clean and modern html template for portfolio, photography, and business sites. This theme also suiteable for blog, personal and any kind of websites.

Main Features:

  • Valid HTML
  • 6 html pages
  • Portfolio Page
  • Archives Page
  • Contact Page
  • Blog Page
  • Multi Level Dropdown Menu
  • jQuery Cycle
  • Contact page with fully working Ajax Contact Form
  • PSDs and Documentation
Saturnico PSD Web Theme

Saturnico PSD Web Theme

Unknown 10:17 AM
Saturnico PSD Web Theme

Saturnico PSD Web Template

Saturnico is dark designed psd web template. Stylish futuristic and beautiful solution for business and personal web projects.Fully layered, and layers are grouped. Easy to customize and edit.Package consists of 9 PSD files and 10 JPG preview files.


1. Bebas Neue free font Droid Sans free font: Retina Display Icon Set: Social Network Icom Pack:


Stratum – HTML single page Template

Stratum – HTML single page Template

Unknown 11:43 AM
Stratum - HTML single page Template

One Page template. Stratum is powerful one page template with clean look. If you are looking clean, clear professional looking template then Stratum will match with your needs.Clean, Simple, One Page Template, with powerful features.


  • Clean, Professional Solid design
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Easy, Commented hand written HTML
  • Layered PSDs included for customization
  • Anything Slider
  • Buttons in 10 Color Variations
  • 2 Different Skins
  • Typography html
  • Blog HTML ready to use
  • 91 Services and 40 Social Icons
  • Documentation
  • Compatible with: IE 7, IE 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome


MobileRush Liquid Mobile Site Template - 6 Colors

MobileRush Liquid Mobile Site Template - 6 Colors

Unknown 11:07 AM
MobileRush Liquid Mobile Site Template - 6 Colors

Clean professional theme for any mobile website

Version 2.0 Released – March 12, 2012

MobileRush is a clean, profesiomalHTML / CSS , touch optimized mobile website template made for mobile devices such as Android, Iphone and WP7. Choose from 6 color themes and 5 patterns that best fit your project. Mobile Rush is easy to customize and layered PSD files have been included.

Main Features

  • Touch Optimized Content Sliders
  • PHP template and HTML version included
  • Video template
  • One, Two and Three Column Templates
  • Working Twitter Feed
  • Add to Home Screen Bubble (IOS)
  • Searchable Thumbnail Lists
  • Filterable Thumbnail Lists
  • Sortable Thumbnail Lists
  • 6 Colors themes to choose from
  • 5 Pattern Styles to choose from
  • Retina Optimized Icons – iPhone
  • Modal Window
  • PHP Form Validation
  • Touch Optimized Photo Gallery
  • Thumbnail Sliders
  • Browser Detection Script
  • Easy to Customize
  • Clean, Professional Design
  • Navigational Menu Fades in/out of the user’s view
  • Blog Templates

Slider Features

  • Liquid Layout
  • Fade Transition
  • Auto Slide-Show
  • Horizontal Slide
  • Vertical Slide
  • Optional Captions – Fade or Slide Effects
  • Optional Keyboard Nav

Add To Home Screen Features

  • Custom Message
  • Expiration Time

Contact Page Features

  • Form Validation
  • Map Thumbnail
  • One Touch Directions
  • Working “Are you human?” question

Blog Template Features

  • Search Box
  • Drop-Down Box
  • Paging Buttons
  • Comment Section

Gallery Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • Clean Modal Window
  • Swipe Capability

Great For

  • Creative Professionals
  • Restauraunts
  • Real Estate Sites
  • Agencies
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Wedding Sites
  • Businesses
  • Fashion
  • Personal \ Portfolio
  • Photography Sites
  • Event Sites
  • and so much more
Flemish Board–HTML5 Product Page+Mobile Version

Flemish Board–HTML5 Product Page+Mobile Version

Unknown 3:45 AM
Flemish Board-HTML5 Product Page+Mobile Version

“Flemish Board” is built in two versions: for desktops/tablets and mobiles. It can serve as product page/landing page/any introductory page.

In order to see mobile (lighter version) you will need to enter it from your mobile, otherwise you will see large desktop (and adapted for tablets) full version.

I was asked in comments what for one can use this template. I had in mind standalone page (unrelated or related–depends on you–to your main website (clicking company logo may redirect to main website if it exists)) presenting a product which can be anything: umbrella, shoes, tutorial, new CD release, any service and similar things. I took as example iPhone application but you can convert it in anything that suits your purposes at best.

Downloadable folder includes:

  • 5 html files
  • 5 css files
  • 9 js files
  • PSD files (layout base)
  • PDF help file

Special Features:

  • Top slider underneath the image
  • CSS3 transitions (price badge, anchors, social links)
  • Modal windows with local scroll (for desktops)
  • Horizontal slider (for desktops)
  • Draggable videos (for desktops)
  • Working Contact and Subscribe forms based on Google Docs

Code: well-commented, 100% valid HTML5 markup.

Things to note:
  • Contact form is Google Docs based. Test the demo
  • Template is tested in: latest major browsers on Mac and Windows + IE8 + iPhone 4S
  • Wordpress version is not (will not be) available
  • Minimum screen resolution for this template is 1024px x 800px
  • Do not expect IE to work as well as Safari and Chrome do

For extra articles about customisation of template please visit my blog

Thank you!

Aight Shop

Aight Shop

Unknown 3:13 AM
Aight Shop

Aight Shop OpenCart theme’s features:

  • Works with the latest OpenCart v1.5.6.4 (+ v1.5.5, v1.5.4, v1.5.3.1, v1.5.3, v1.5.2.1, v1.5.2)
  • Theme for WordPress included
  • Universal design
  • Sell digital goods
  • Integrated with nice looking jQuery Colorbox (pop-up window for images)
  • Animated jQuery caption over the thumbnails
  • Cool animated preloader for product images
  • Any size for product thumbnails
  • 2-level Drop Down menu – next levels are visible on the parent category page
  • Working contact form witch anti-spam token
  • SEO friendly – different meta descriptions and keywords for each product and category, also in different languages
  • Automatic HTML sitemap generator
  • Integrated with AddThis (supports over 300 social networks)
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Over 20 styled pages
  • Font replacement – Cufon (Bebas Neue) and Google Font (Open Sans)
  • How to change cufon font tutorial – use any font with this theme
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Well documented
  • Tested with IE7 (1st-level of drop-down menu visible only), IE8, IE9, FF3+, Latest Opera, Latest Chrome, Safari 5 (under Windows)
  • Included empty images with graphic buttons
  • Included 13 PSD files with single graphic elements
  • W3C Strict valid code
CHANGELOGS:3 Mar 2012 - v1.0.1 - Added compatibility with the Opencart
Yes! We Are Coming Soon (Under Construction)

Yes! We Are Coming Soon (Under Construction)

Unknown 3:04 AM
Yes! We Are Coming Soon (Under Construction)

This Coming Soon template is carefully designed with attention to the details. Your visitors will love it. It contains a glossy progress bar with custom colors, own pictures or logo, a countdown, a twitter stream and social icons. Also I provide a working contact form where the visitor can subscribe for a newsletter.

The template is designed to catch attention and inform visitors what are you up to. This theme allows visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, so that you can notify them about the launch.

You can decide what you want on the site. This template doesn’t force you to use only a color progress bar or have tweets and social icons. Use only what you want.


  • 10 color schemes provided in the package. You can also use your own colors easily.
  • Optional content
    • Progress bar with own colors, logo or picture
    • Countdown
    • PHP subscribe form with a thank you email and an email to the admin
    • Twitter stream (1 or more tweets)
    • Updates area
    • Social icons
Prestige - Personal vCard Template

Prestige - Personal vCard Template

Unknown 7:23 PM
Prestige - Personal vCard Template

Latest Version: 15.06.2013 – v1.5. Check the changelog

Prestige is a minimal and colorful personal vCard Template based on different color menu tabs. Tabs are presenting content of the pages. Each page is a single tab. The Template contains working contact form, slider, build-in gallery lightbox, latest tweets, 7 social icons to choose from.

Included PSD source file allows you to customize the Template to your needs.

This Item is Supported

Support is conducted through our Support Forum. We’re in GMT +1 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Extended Features List

  • jQuery Powered
  • Build-In Lightbox
  • Working Contact Form
  • Latest Tweets
  • Font Face Fonts
  • Valid XHTML Code
  • PSD Source Included
  • Documentation Included

Web Pages Based On This Template

Have a site running this project? Please send us a link and get featured below.

What Others Are Saying

Wow this is an outstanding template, so well put together! Love the colors and the jquery effects. Bookmarked!

Hey everybody, I purchased this template a few days ago and loved it. There were a few minor kinks to work out (thanks to my mistakes uploading it) but Quantica responded quickly and was very helpful! If you’re on the fence about using a site template, I’d definitely recommend buying from them. The support was what won me over, 5 Stars for sure!

It’s a wonderful personal template and i bought it! For sure i will use for my personal official site, amazing work guys!

Hello QuanticaLabs, Purchased this template and i must say “Job Well Done!” I liked the simplicity.




All icons by QuanticaLabs. Icons are an integral part of this template, please do not use it separately for other purposes.


All images under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic for commercial use.


15.06.2013 – v1.5
  • Added new features to the contact form.
  • Update Twitter user timeline to API 1.1.
  • Update jQuery libraries to the newest versions.
  • Added new informations to documentation.
15.10.2012 – v1.4
  • Fixed problem with Twitter feeds.
  • Added new video samples.
  • Added new informations to documentation.
12.04.2012 – v1.3
  • Fixed small CSS bugs in tweets.
22.03.2012 – v1.2
  • Fixed small bug in tweets.
  • Fixed small bug in nivo slider.
  • Added SEO support for links.
  • Added support for vimeo and youtube videos.
11.03.2012 – v1.1
  • Added plugin.
  • Changing HTML/CSS structure of #prestige-menu menu.
  • Few small bugs fixed.
27.02.2012 – v1.0
  • First release.