In Shape - Fitness HTML Theme

In Shape - Fitness HTML Theme

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In Shape - Fitness HTML Theme

A responsive fitness HTML theme that has a lot of pages specially created for a personal trainer website.

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Key features:

The package contains:

  • 25+ HTML 5 files
  • 10 Photoshop files used to create the HTML theme

Pivot | Multi-Purpose HTML with Page Builder

Pivot | Multi-Purpose HTML with Page Builder

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Pivot | Multi-Purpose HTML with Page Builder

Fully featured Wordpress version with Visual Composer also available!


Pivot 2.0.1 Update

Pivot 1.5.0

Pivot 1.4.0

Pivot 1.3.0

Pivot 1.2.0

Pivot 1.1.0

Our customers LOVE Pivot and the Variant Page Builder! All reviews can be read here

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Pivot Multipurpose Template

Pivot is both business and pleasure:

Pivot is a fully-featured multi-purpose, responsive, Bootstrap based HTML 5 template that looks effortlessly on-point in business, education, agency, portfolio or resume template applications.

Use Pivot to give your next product launch or app landing page a refreshing, confident appeal. Complete with full login, error pages and coming soon pages your new business will present a consistent look from start to finish.

We’ve added our Variant page builder to make this the most usable responsive agency or business template available. Setting up a product or app landing page? Your next startup will launch in record time with Variant. This is the only “startup framework” you’ll need…

Now with included blog


  • Variant page builder included in download package (runs locally on your machine, no install required)
  • Fully responsive
  • 14 colour schemes
  • Bootstrap 3.1
  • Complete LESS files included for each colour scheme
  • Mail Chimp & Campaign Monitor integration
  • Instagram feeds
  • Twitter feeds
  • Working contact forms with validation
  • Support forums access with answers you can understand
  • 4 contact forms
  • 3 menu types
  • 4 footer types
  • Coming soon page
  • Login page template
  • 404 & 500 error pages

Update Log

===================================================================v 2.0.2 - 25 February 2015-------------------------------------------------------------------FIX    - Custom navs in Variant were saved but did not show          when selected       - This patch means your saved custom navs will now show upFiles affected:-------------------------------------------------------------------Variant Custom Navs fix       - /variant/js/init.js======================================================================================================================================v 2.0.1 - 5 February 2015-------------------------------------------------------------------NEW    - New font options added inside VariantNEW    - Added custom.css to make CSS changes easierUPDATE - Better text editing in Variant          - Paste from anywhere          - Hitting enter/return inserts <br /> (not browser default)Files affected:-------------------------------------------------------------------Variant upgrade    - /variant/*Custom CSS    - /css/custom.css (new file)    - All .html files now have a css reference to /css/custom.css======================================================================================================================================v 1.5.0 - 12 December 2014-------------------------------------------------------------------NEW    - Conversion Header ElementNEW    - Timeline elementFIX    - Home news hero elementFIX    - Pricing tables 2 elementUPDATE - Updated Variant UIUPDATE - IE9 compatibilityUPDATE - Added loading animation to contact formsFiles affected:-------------------------------------------------------------------Variant upgrade    - /variant/*New content    - theme.less (lines 1724 - 1768)    - theme.css (lines 4217 - 4345)Form loading animations    - theme.less (lines 928 - 931)    - theme.css (lines 2238 - 2280)Added files    - ie9.css======================================================================================================================================v 1.4.1 - 04 October 2014-------------------------------------------------------------------FIX    - Exporting with navs in Variant FIX    - Youtube backgrounds loopingFiles affected:-------------------------------------------------------------------Javascript files only:    - /js/scripts.js    - /variant/js/init.js    - /variant/js/reInit.js======================================================================================================================================v 1.4.0 - 03 October 2014-------------------------------------------------------------------NEW    - Youtube Background Dividers!NEW    - Multi-layer Parallax Sliders!UPDATE - Changed ‘expanding list’ block from hover to clickUPDATE - Ordering menu items in VariantFiles affected:-------------------------------------------------------------------New .html examples:    - index.html - added layered parallaxNew content:    - Parallax & Youtube BGs    - theme.less (lines 1658 - 1706 & lines 642 - 646)    - theme.css ( lines 1360 - 1384 & lines 4033 - 4142)======================================================================================================================================v 1.3.0 - 25 September 2014-------------------------------------------------------------------NEW    - 4 new navigation stylesNEW    - Soundcloud embed elementNEW    - Halfwidth menu dropdownsFIX    - 3 column projects now behave responsivelyUPDATE - Better responsive menu behaviourFiles affected:-------------------------------------------------------------------New .html examples:    - index-fullscreen-menu.html    - index-contained-menu.html    - index-simple-bar.html    - index-centered-menu.htmlNew content:    - theme.less (added lines 1570 - 1650)    - theme.css (added lines 3741 - 4020)3 Columns Project Fix:    - theme.less (added lines 837 - 857)    - theme.css (added lines 1975 - 2018)Responsive Menu:    - theme.less (added line 341)    - theme.css (added line 455 - 457)======================================================================================================================================v 1.2.0 - 17 September 2014-------------------------------------------------------------------NEW    - Blog Pack update! Blog now includes masonry layouts, comments, sidebarsUPDATE - Added "required" and "email"validation         to Mail Chimp / Campaign Monitor newsletter forms.UPDATE - Better logo handling for wide & tall logos in the nav barFIX    - Twitter feed not displaying on FirefoxFIX    - Fixed isotope projects jumping to separate rows at certain widthsFiles affected:--------------------------------------------------------------------    js/scripts.js (Mail Chimp / Campaign Monitor section)-    js/scripts.js (Added section for logo handling)-    Demo pages have had .validate-required and .validate-email     classes added to fields in M Chimp & C Monitor forms-    css/theme.css and colour scheme .css files (add lines 3405 - 3694)-    css/less/theme.less and colour scheme .less files (add lines 1453 - 1544)======================================================================================================================================v 1.1.0 - 10 September 2014-------------------------------------------------------------------NEW    - Resume Style content blocks.NEW    - New Home Resume layout.FIX    - Variant "Get Source" issue.FIX    - Offscreen menu not showing on mobile.UPDATE - mail.php has more documentation and an option          to use native mail() function through Swift Mailer.Files affected:--------------------------------------------------------------------    js/scripts.js-    css/theme.css and colour scheme .css files,     added line 3184 - 3371-    css/less/theme.less and colour scheme .less files     added line 1391 - 1443-    variant/init.js-    variant/builder.html-    mail/mail.php===================================================================
Some photography used in the demo pages cannot be distributed in the download package due to licensing restrictions. The licensed images that cannot be distributed will be included as placeholders with a heavy blur filter applied.
Westeros Custom Clothing PSD Template

Westeros Custom Clothing PSD Template

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Westeros Custom Clothing PSD Template

Check out the HTML Updated Version!

What our wonderful clients say about Westeros:

Westeros Custom Clothing PSD Template

35 PSD Files and 1 JPEG, Includes:

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